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Finance Department: Accounting Division

Peoria County Courthouse, Room 501. Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Tel: (309) 672-6056, Fax: (309) 495-4608


To coordinate human and financial resources necessary to provide sound financial support services to internal and external customers.

The Accounting Division consists of:

General Accounting

  • Ensures financial transactions are properly recorded in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), applicable laws and regulations
  • Monitors cash flow and banking activity
  • Coordinates external audit activities, financial analyses and preparation of financial reports
  • Evaluates internal controls and ensures compliance with appropriate policies

Accounts Payable

  • Processes invoices and pays County vendors accurately and on-time
  • Ensures compliance with internal controls by checking invoices and supporting documents
  • Works with other departments within the County to improve workflow processes
  • Improves vendor relations by providing fast and accurate answers to vendor inquiries
  • Performs compliance reporting of vendor payments


  • Coordinates all time entry to ensure accurate payments to Peoria County employees
  • Responsible for processing payments for certain 3rd party and tax withholding liabilities
  • Responsible for filing necessary quarterly and annual tax compliance reports
  • Perform department internal compliance audits and assist departments in improving the payroll process

General Accounting Management

  • Assists County departments with grant applications, compliance and reporting
  • Accounts for acquisition/sale of County fixed assets
  • Prepares grant reports and coordinates single audit activities
  • Provides consulting services to County departments for accounting and financial transactions

Accounting Staff Contacts:

Angie Cramer

Payroll/Finance Analyst
Phone: (309) 677-6229

Kimberly Hudson
Phone: (309) 495-4610

Barbara Pleasant
Accounts Payable
Phone: (309) 495-4615

Joyce Harmon
Bel-Wood Accountant
Phone: (309) 677-6233

Sheri Johnston
Bel-Wood Bookkeeper
Phone: (309) 495-4612



Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports 

  • 2011CAFR - Click here to download the 2011 CAFR (audit)
  • 2010 CAFR - Click here to download the 2010 CAFR (audit)
  • 2009 CAFR - Click here to download the 2009 CAFR (audit)
  • 2008 CAFR - Click here to download the 2008 CAFR (audit)
  • 2007 CAFR - Click here to download the 2007 CAFR (audit)
  • 2006 CAFR - Click here to download the 2006 CAFR (audit)
  • 2005 CAFR - Click here to download the 2005 CAFR (audit)