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Peoria County GIS: Peoria County GIS Map Rack

If you are not able to use the GIS websites found on the home page of the GIS Division, please try these maps in available for download PDF format. We have collected several maps that pertain to Peoria County and posted them here:

Please be aware, some of these maps are from external sources and may not have been updated for several years. 

Individual County Board Districts: 2011

In the past few months, we were able to work with the County Board Redistricting Committee and verify the new county board boundaries.This newly updated boundary is aligned with parcel boundaries. As a result the GIS Division recreated and updated Peoria County Board boundary maps and they are available below. 
They are on 11"x17" paper. Here is a Full Sized (17x22) map of the Peoria County Board compliments of the County Clerk's office.

District 1 District 2 District 3
District 4 District 5 District 6
District 7 District 8 District 9
District 10 District 11 District 12
District 13 District 14 District 15
District 16 District 17 District 18

Tax Districts:  2013 Tax Year

The maps below represent the latest tax district boundaries in Peoria County for the 2013 tax year.  The maps were developed using data from the Peoria County's tax system which is maintained by both the Supervisor of Assessments and County Clerk's Departments.  

Airport District Municipalities Street Lighting District
Fire Protection Park Districts TIF Districts
Community College County Township
Libraries Road Districts Cemetery District
Mass Transit Sanitary Districts Water Districts
Multi-Township School Districts Soil - Water Conservation

Library Districts 2010 Tax Data

In preparation for the 2010 census results, the Illinois State Library needed updated maps for all the libraries in Peoria County. We created and sent these maps to the State along with providing them to you.

Alpha Park Library District Brimfield Library District Chillicothe Library District
Dunlap Library District Farmington Library District Lillie M Evans Library District
Peoria Heights Library District    

Voting Precincts By County Townships: 2011

These maps were made by the County Clerk's Office in 2011. Because of the Federal decennial census, the County Clerk is required to redraw voting precincts every 10 years based on voter population. These maps reflect the 2010 census and those updated boundaries approved by the county board. Here is an Overall Map.

Millbrook Princeville Arkon Hallock Chillicothe
Brimfield Jubilee Radnor Medina  
Elmwood Rosefield Kickapoo Richwoods  
Trivoli Logan Limestone West Peoria  
  Timber Hollis    

City Voting Precincts 2013

These maps were created by the GIS Division of Peoria County in September 2013 along with the City of Peoria's Election Commission.  The boundaries were redrawn to accommodate for changing populations within the city.  You can find the City Precinct Map Here.

Central Illinois Legislative Maps

These maps were made by the Illinois Board of Elections in 2011. Because of the Federal decennial census, the State is required to redraw legislative districts every 10 years based on population.

Illinois Congressional District 17
Illinois Congressional District 18
Illinois Representative District 73
Illinois Representative District 91
Illinois Representative District 92
Illinois Senate District 37
Illinois Senate District 46

County-Wide Maps From Various Departments

County Tax Districts viewed all together 2013

County Tax Codes viewed all together 2013

County Streetmap (48"x72") Click Here

County Streetmap (24"x36") 2-sided Click Here

Peoria County Highway Department County Map c. 2012 

Backside of the above map Click Here

IDOT Peoria County Map Click Here

State Highway Map (12.5 meg) Click Here

Peoria County Reference Map (8.5x11) Click Here

Peoria County Municipality Reference Map (8.5x11) Click Here

Peoria County Hamlet Reference Map (8.5x11) Click Here

Additional Free Maps 

Digital maps are available free of charge.

Here is an index of all the digital maps available on the website.

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