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Peoria County GIS: Peoria County GIS iPhone App


 Our newest addition to our ever growing portfolio of GIS application is the Parcel Value GIS app for iPhone or iOS devices. See the Press releaseNews coverage or Get The App yourself. It can run on iOS 5 and 4.3.


The Parcel Value for the iPhone application provides public access to tax parcel and related assessment information. It offers a standard overview of property data in a community for real estate and other consumers so they can view this information on all homes as they walk or drive through neighborhoods. 

Sales data are for valid sales calendar year 2009 and 2010 ONLY The Parcel Value for the iPhone application is powered by ArcGIS Server v. 10 and the IOS SDK. Mapping API provided by Esri Inc. Data Courtesy of Peoria County Government and GIS Division 

Please read our Disclaimer: THIS APP has been provided as a tool for county employees and the general public use. The Data is provided 'as is' without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness. This App is NOT intended to be used for legal litigation or boundary disputes and is informational only.

The Splash screen will appear for up to 10 seconds and then you will see a map of downtown Peoria. 

 The User can navigate the map by swiping or pinch and zoom. 

 The Location arrow will also reset the map over the device's current location. 

 The user can tap and hold on-top of a house or lot to get more information about that parcel.

 Owner names are intentionally left our due to privacy concerns. 


 The Parcel details is for informational use only. Descriptions, assessment amounts, and other information should always be further researched with the Supervisor of Assessments office in the Peoria County Courthouse. 

MapSettings.PNGMap Settings allows you to choose a basemap or optionally turn on Sales data for 2009 or 2010.

We will only show two years of Sales data at a time. This data will be updated every calendar year. 

Also we know that the 'Details' button detailsInactive.png is inactive now and are working on a solution to this.