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Food Protection Prevention

Food Protection Prevention is achieved through a combination of licensing food establishments, education, and risk assessment. Risk assessment is done yearly by a sanitarian to determine how often a facility is inspected. Those that pose higher risks (involved preparation procedures, cooking-cooling-reheating of potentially hazardous foods) will be inspected more often than those that involve less risk.

Licensing a Food Facility

  • To open a new food facility or change an existing facility, operators should contact this Department at 679.6161 to get a plan review packet. Download Plan Review Packet
  • The Health Department requires a scale drawing of the proposed facility set up, a copy of the menu, and all operating procedures. Directions to fill these out are in the packet.
  • Sanitarians assess these documents to determine the risks associated with food storage, handling, and holding.
  • The facility must then be in compliance (determined by a pre-operational inspection) before a food and drink license is issued.
  • After a facility is approved and opened, it is inspected 1 to 3 times a year, as determined by the risk level set by the sanitarian working with the facility.
  • Contact the Environmental Health Department if a packet is needed.
  • See links below for Step-by-Step Procedures and License Application.


Food Service Sanitation Certification

  • Facilities that prepare food or sell prepackaged potentially hazardous foods are required by the Illinois State Food Code to employ one or more persons certified as Food Service Sanitation Manager.
  • The Food Service Sanitation classes educate food service workers on how to receive, store, prepare, and serve food in a safe way.
  • A list of available Food Service Sanitation classes can be found here.


Food Handler Training

ANSI Approved Online Training


Instructor Led Training

  • Tazewell County Health Department: 309-925-5511 extension 272

  • Fulton County Health Department: 309-647-1134 extension 230

  • S.A.F.E. - Connie Biggs: 309-360-0285

  • Insightful Food Safety - Wanda Atkins: 309-837-5158

  • Black Hawk College: 309-796-5000

  • Eastern Iowa Community College: 563-441-4001

Frequently asked Food Handler Questions

Routine Inspections

  • At the unannounced inspections performed 1 to 3 times per year, a sanitarian does a 45 point food inspection and/or a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point inspection.
  • The inspection report addresses critical and non-critical violations. Critical violations must be fixed within a set time period, which is as soon as possible, but within at least 10 days. Imminent health hazards must be eliminated immediately or the facility may be required to close until problem is corrected.


Applications and Information

Opening a Restaurant and Ownership Change

Plan Review Packet

Change of Ownership Packet

Annual and Seasonal Licensing

Food and/or Drink License Application

Step-by-Step Procedures for Obtaining a Food or Drink License

Variance Request for Food or Drink License


Sidewalk and Street Vending Licensing

Sidewalk and Street Vendor License Application

Sidewalk and Street Vendor Rules


Temporary Event Licensing

Temporary Food Event Coordinator Information Packet

Temporary Food Vendor License Application

Temporary Food Permit Rules


Cottage Food

Cottage Food Operation Registration Form

IDPH Technical Information Bulletin #44 -- Cottage Food Operation


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Information Sheets

Featured Content

Connect with Peoria City/County Health Department on Social Media

Become a fan of the PCCHD on Facebook and also follow us on Twitter.

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