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Private Sewage Disposal
(Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems)

Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code

Chapter 19 Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems — Effective 1-1-2014

Application for Private Sewage Disposal System Permit

Variance Request Form for Proposed Private Sewage Disposal System Installation

Contractor Registration Form

USEPA NPDES General Permit Final Draft  (Effective February 10, 2014)

The environmental health department's goal is to prevent disease, nuisances, and eliminate improperly treated sewage by:

  • Reviewing applications and plans and issue permits
  • Inspecting disposal systems for proper installation or repair
  • Requiring anyone constructing, altering, or extending private sewage disposal systems to have a valid permit issued by the health department
  • Providing information about construction, operation, and maintenance to citizens and contractors

Tips for taking care of your septic system:

  • Know where your septic and drain field are located. Keep a sketch with your maintenance records
  • Inspect your septic tank every year
  • have your system inspected/ repaired if you have any problems
  • conserve water to avoid overloading the system
  • Have your tank pumped every 2 to 3 years by a licensed septic pumper
  • divert other water sources like gutters, footing drains, and sump pumps away from the septic system
  • do not park or drive cars over your drain field
  • don't dig in your septic system
  • don't use septic tank additives (these do not help and sometimes can be harmful to your system
  • be careful what you flush into your septic tank. Harsh chemicals/cleansers can kill the beneficial can kill the beneficial bacteria that help treat waste water.
  • Maintain chlorinator (if applicable)

Click here to see which items are unacceptable to flush down the drains.


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