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Planning & Zoning: West Laramie Neighborhood Plan

Plan Details

The West Laramie Neighborhood Plan was created by the residents, businesses, and other stakeholders of the neighborhood.  Stakeholders participated in surveys, interviews, and public meetings to create the vision, goals, and actions for the neighborhood.  The planning area consists of unincorporated Peoria County that is south of Harmon Highway at Madison Park Shopping Center, west of Laramie Street, north of Interstate 474, and east of Kickapoo Creek.  The planning process resulted in the following five goals which are described in the draft plan:

  1. Have pride in keeping the neighborhood clean and attractive
  2. Make a collective effort to maintain, fix, and revitalize residential and commercial buildings
  3. Respect the safety and wellbeing of each other
  4. Promote active living through safe routes and attractive public spaces
  5. Create and participate in resident led community organizations and events

The neighborhood plan was adopted by the Peoria County Board on September 14, 2017.  

 A copy of the adopted plan can be viewed by clicking here: West Laramie Neighborhood Plan

A printed copy of the plan is available for review at the Peoria County Department of Planning & Zoning at 324 Main Street, Room 301, Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30-4:30 PM. 

 For more information please call the Department of Planning & Zoning (309) 672-6915

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